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Spray Tanning

Getting a spray tan is safe, simple and convenient, it only takes about 10-15 minutes to apply. 

The products that we use combine DHA and Erythrulose, which react with the amino acids in your skin and oxygen in the air causing your skin to turn flawlessly brown. Triple Moisture Sensation locks in moisture triggering deep hydration. Our products also contain specially combined bronzing ingredients, both delayed and immediate, to ensure ultra-dark color. We offer different strengths of solutions to achieve different shades depending on your skin type and how much tan you need.

BelViso Natural Spray olutions are: 

1 Doctor formulated.
2 Natural-looking and long lasting.
3 Even fading.
4 Oil-free.
5 Fragrance-free.
6 Alcohol-free.
7 Erythrulose-free.
8 Only made with FDA approved ingredients.
9 All natural.
10 Composed of the highest quality, premium grade DHA


11 Water-based.
12 Fast-drying.
13 Vegan.
14 Not tested on Animals.
15 Free of harsh dyes and chemicals.
16 Nut-free and allergen-free.
17 Non-comedogenic
18 Always fresh and come with a 6 month shelf-life guarantee.
19 Hypoallergenic.
20 Formulated with long term health in mind

Spray Tan $40

Organic options available. (20 min appointment)



Beautifully Bronze Packages

3 Pack- $111

5 Pack - $175

10 Pack - $295


Competition/Performance Tan

Initial Pro Tan - $95

Day of Touch Up - $35

Add Body Contouring - $25


Loyalty Card

Ask about our loyalty reward cards. Get a stamp for every treatment or purchase over $25 and if you refer a friend - collect 5 stamps and get a FREE tanning treatment.


Preparing for your spray tan

Tips to get the most from your spray tan:


The Day Before:

  • Remove dead skin cells by doing a full-body exfoliation.

  • Shave/wax. This gives time for pores to close, this prevents the tanning solution from sitting in open pores causing dots.

The Day Of:

  • Do not apply deodorants or perfumes as these can prevent the absorption of the tanning solution. Deodorants containing aluminum can react with tanning solutions and cause a green color. Any trace of deodorants and perfumes should be removed before the tan is applied.

  • Do not use moisturizers on the day of your tan as they can act as a barrier to the solution.


  • Apply nail polish to your nails,  the tanning procedure may discolor your nails.



Your treatment session

Before your tanning session at the salon, you can apply a provided barrier cream to your hands, feet, and any extra dry areas like knees or elbows to prevent them from tanning too much. You will then remove your clothing and jewelry, leaving on what you feel comfortable in. We recommend wearing dark underwear such as a thong or bikini bottoms. The spraying takes place in a pop-up cubicle to ensure spray goes on you and not everywhere else. We provide a hair cap and mask if requested.


The spraying process takes about 10-15 minutes to complete, plus a few minutes to dry.


After your treatment

The tan develops over a period of 3-6 hours, try to avoid showering during this time or your tan will not fully develop.

During development wear loose, dark clothing. The tan is water-based and will wash out of most clothes but may stain lighter materials. Tight clothing may produce rub marks causing lighter areas to appear. Also, avoid shoes and socks if possible and wear flip-flops. Perspiration can wash off the tanning solution, so avoid anything too strenuous during the developing time.


To preserve your tan as long as possible

  • Your tan will normally last from 5-9 days. For a deeper color, book a touch-up tan 2-4 days after your 1st treatment.

  • Chlorine will cause the tan to fade more quickly, so try to avoid swimming if possible.

  • After showers or baths pat yourself dry, don't rub.

  • Keeping your skin moisturized is the most important thing you can do. Moisturize every day & drink plenty of water.​


Wedding/Special Event 

Spray Tans


Nothing sets off a bridal gown like a perfect, radiant, glowing tan. A spray tan is the perfect, risk-free answer. Gorgeous, sun-kissed skin without the risks associated with UV rays. We can't guarantee that the sun will shine on the big day, but a perfect spray tan will ensure you look as though you've just stepped off the beach, whatever the weather.


At BelViso we believe that preparing your tan is just as important as fitting your dress. We can provide a personalized plan that takes into account the fact that spray tan colors vary according to skin type and other factors like skin pH, skincare routines, and timing the tan for when the skin is at its most receptive. We offer an exceptional quality, professionally applied spray tan that provides the perfect base to enhance a stunning bridal gown.


Pick a plan that suits you

We recommend that you plan on starting your tan 'fitting' 2 to 3 months in advance. This gives plenty of time to assess your skin type and achieve the desired tone. This also allows us to assess exactly how many days before the big day you should receive your final treatment. 

We can give you personalized advice on skincare, exfoliation, moisturizing and tan touch-ups. We know that your budget is important and we can tailor a plan especially for you that will meet all your needs.

Want to treat your bridesmaids? Then invite them along for the fun and make an event of it, you provide the glasses, we'll provide bubbly!

We also offer complete bridal services for you and for your bridesmaids. This can include makeup, hair, facials, brow design and lashes.  




Host a Tanning Party!

Let our stylist come to you or you come to us, invite 5+ of your girlfriends and get a free tan! 


Wine, free product sampling and perfect skin. What could be better! 


Prices from $15 each

Come together with four or more of your friends and you'll only be paying $15 each. Put on the music, get out some nibbles and a drink or two, and then just kick back, relax, & you'll all look like you've just stepped off the beach!


We provide a personalized treatment for each of you that takes into account the fact that spray tan colors vary according to skin type and other factors like skin pH, skincare routines. We offer exceptional quality, professionally applied spray tan.


A great night out starts with a great night in!

Looking totally gorgeous and tanned really is the perfect boost for the special night out. Why choose BelViso Tanning? We only use professional products for perfect and reliable results. We also provide one-to-one advice on skincare, exfoliation, moisturizing, and tan touch-ups.


We can also offer a complete range of beauty treatments in addition to your tans!