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Frame your eyes

Brow Design 

BelViso offers brow design in-studio or have your own on-location Brow Party! Let our well-trained brow stylists and estheticians transform your look with perfect brows. 

Eyebrow Design ~ $25

A combination of waxing, tweezing, and trimming to shape and define the brow.  Clients can choose to do only tweezing and trimming if preferred.


Brow Tint- $30

Defines the look of a clean eyebrow and eliminates the need to color or fill in brows.


The Perfect Brow ~ $40

Includes both eyebrow design and tinting for the perfect brow, every time.


Brow Henna ~ $60

Brow Henna stains the hair and skin, allowing you to create the exact shape of your desired brow.  Stain lasts up to 4 weeks on hair and up 2 weeks on skin. Includes eyebrow design.


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